University Setup Module !

Organize and manage your university effortlessly with our intuitive website. Utilise the Trust, University, Faculty, Institute, and Department modules to alter the organisational structure. With programme, specialisation, and minors/honors features, you can customise your academic offers. Utilise the Authorities, Base Departments, and Intake Configuration modules to streamline processes. Your one-stop shop for managing the entire university system.

GNUMS University Setup Module

Module Features

The list of different features of the University Setup module are...

  • Trust

    Explore the driving force behind your university's mission and values with our Trust module, highlighting its vision and impact.

  • University

    Dive into a wealth of information about your university's history, accomplishments.

  • Faculty

    Discover the different type of disipline like Bachlor of Engineering (BE),Bachelor of Science (BSc) etc..

  • Institute

    Explore specialized academic domains through distinct institutes, fostering expertise and innovation.

  • Program & Specialization

    Navigate a rich array of courses and specializations, tailoring your academic path to your passions.

  • Department

    Discover academic excellence within each department, where knowledge and innovation thrive.

  • Intake Configuration

    Streamline admissions and enrollment seamlessly with efficient Intake Configuration.

  • Minors/Honors

    Enhance learning with personalized Minors/Honors, shaping a well-rounded education.

  • Authorities

    Empower key figures to lead and govern effectively through the Authorities module.

  • Registrar

    Ensure academic integrity and smooth operations under the Registrar's oversight.

  • Exam Controller

    The Exam Controller manages and orchestrates examination processes, maintaining academic integrity and fairness.

  • Board of Studies

    Shape curriculum excellence with the oversight of the Board of Studies.

University Setup Module Process Flow

The sequence of operations in the University Setup Module

  • 1


    Trust information is displayed in the university's profile

  • 2


    Admin enters university information via the University module

  • 3


    Admin can enter Faculty information.

  • 4


    Institute heads input institute-specific achievements and offerings.

  • 5

    Program & Specialization

    Add Program & Specialization details.

  • 6


    Department heads manage faculty assignments and course offerings.

  • 7


    Unlock diverse educational avenues with customizable Minors/Honors programs, tailoring students' learning experiences.

  • 8


    Assigns roles and permissions to authorities (Provost, Registrar, etc.).