Timetable & Attendance Module !

Elevate the institution's efficiency and communication with our Timetable & Attendance Management Module. Seamlessly track attendance in real-time, enjoy customizable timetable views, and empower your institution with data-driven insights. Simplify operations and enhance the academic experience for all stakeholders.

GNUMS Timetable Module

Module Features

The list of different features of the timetable & attendance module are...

  • Dynamic Time Table Template & Configuration

    Effortlessly adapt schedules to changing needs with our "Dynamic Time Table Template & Configuration" feature, ensuring flexibility in your timetable management.

  • Copy Timetable & Slots

    Efficiently replicate schedules and slots with the "Copy Timetable & Slots" feature, simplifying complex timetable management tasks.

  • Time Table Printing (Staff, Resource, Subject, Division, Master)

    Seamlessly generate and print timetables with our "Time Table Printing" feature, streamlining communication of schedules across your institution.

  • Roll-Call Management

    Effectively integrate enrolled students into the timetable and streamline student management with the "Onroll Students in Timetable & Manage Students" feature, ensuring seamless scheduling and administration.

  • Subject-Slot Specific Batch Generation

    Optimize scheduling precision with the "Subject-Slot Specific Batch Generation" feature, tailoring batch assignments according to subjects and slots for enhanced timetable management.

  • Auto Promote Students to Next Semester

    Automate student progression with the "Auto Promote Students to Next Semester" feature, streamlining the process of moving students to the next academic level.

  • Lecture/Lab Planning

    Efficiently plan lectures and labs with the "Lecture/Lab Planning" feature, ensuring optimized resource utilization and a well-structured academic timetable.

  • Attendance Filling

    Easily record and manage student attendance with the "Attendance Filling" feature, simplifying the task of keeping accurate attendance records.

  • Load Alteration & Approval

    Streamline course load adjustments and approvals with the "Load Alteration & Approval" feature, enhancing the flexibility and administrative control over student schedules.

  • Attendance Intimation to Parents & Higher Authorities

    Enhance communication by notifying parents and authorities about attendance with the "Attendance Intimation to Parents & Higher Authorities" feature, promoting transparency and accountability.

  • Staff Course File for NBA\NAAC

    Facilitate accreditation processes with the "Staff Course File for NBA\NAAC" feature, streamlining the compilation and organization of essential course-related documentation for accreditation purposes.

  • Dashboards (University, Institute, Department, Coordinator, Staff)

    Gain comprehensive insights tailored to various roles with the "Dashboards" feature, offering dedicated views for the University, Institute, Department, Coordinators, and Staff members, enhancing data-driven decision-making and performance monitoring.

Timetable & Attendance Module Process Flow

The sequence of operations in the Timetable & Attendance Module

  • 1

    Configure Timetable Template & Division Creation

    Set up timetable templates and create divisions & ensuring efficient timetable management.

  • 2

    Timetable Creation, Slots Entry & Subject Allocation

    Craft timetables, input slots, and allocate subjects & streamlining the scheduling process.

  • 3

    On-roll Students into Division & Lab/Batch Creation

    Integrate on-roll students, and create lab/batch divisions with the "On-roll Students into Division & Lab/Batch Creation" step, simplifying student management and allocation.

  • 4

    Lesson Planning, Load Adjustment & Fill Attendance

    Incorporate enrolled students into divisions and establish lab/batch groups & enhancing organization and student tracking.

  • 5

    Attendance Escalation to Higher Authorities & Parents

    Automatically escalate attendance notifications to parents and higher authorities & ensuring prompt communication and accountability.

  • 6

    Various Analytical Reports & Dashboards for Staff, Students & Higher Authorities

    Access a range of analytical reports and dashboards tailored for staff, students, and higher authorities, providing valuable insights and data visualization for informed decision-making.